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They will want to know that everything is going OK - all the time, every day . Ironically this makes you do your job worse as you end up doing more meetings and calls than, you know, whatever you were hired to do.

The best defence is offence - don’t wait for you client to start pulling their hair. Anticipate their questions and offer to arrange regular status checks. air jordan 4 sole protector yeezy
gave us this simple strategy - promise your client a regular status check email every week. Then keep sending it every week until the project’s done. The client will be a little bit more at ease, and you'll have fewer interruptions.

A popular solution for consultants is billing meeting time (and even phone calls) - just pop a timer on your phone , and let them talk. Remember that speaking is silver, but listening is green and crisp and looks like Andrew Jackson.

They crash in through the door, shoving a proposal in your face - it’s on fire. They need a website and they needed it yesterday - if possible, by last weekend. You do work on weekends, don't you?

Mr. Urgent could be trying to squeeze more work out of you in fewer hours, but it’s more likely that they simply suck at planning - so it’s super important that you don’t.

Taking on a client who demands unreasonable results with impossible deadlines, you’ll risk compromising the work you do for your other clients.

You need to have a great understanding of your team’s capacity to work. Know how long it takes them to do things and it’ll be easier to spot tricky deals. When you do spot one, either turn it down, or if you really need the client, bring out your charts and show them - in no uncertain terms - exactly how many hours of work they are asking for.

And always remember that poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency response on yours.

You sign the deal, shake hands and get up to show the client out. Instead of leaving, they take your seat at the desk, roll up their sleeves and say "oh man, I can't wait to learn Photoshop!"

It's like that guy who goes to the mechanic saying: "Yeah, I did some bodywork on my own," which is why their Mercedes looks like a Fiat Panda had a love child with the neighbourhood tractor.

The worst thing about working with a "hands on" client is that it absolutely destroys productivity. Designers and developers make countless micro-decisions every hour. It's second nature stuff that stems from their experience. Explaining why green text won't work on a bright orange background is like explaining why looking directly into the sun is bad (these two are actually the same thing).

Indiana University Bloomington Indiana University Bloomington IU Bloomington

Every country has its own postsecondary education system. To help you understand how your degree compares to a bachelor’s degree awarded in the United States, we’ve assembled the following list of requirements, by country, that are the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree.

If you have any questions about where your educational background fits, please contact us .

Completion of a four-year Honours bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree with Honours (including a one-year Honours program following a three-year ordinary or pass bachelor’s degree), or the first year of a master’s degree following a three-year bachelor’s

Completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree, or a two-year bachelor’s degree followed by a two-year master’s degree, or a three-year bachelor’s degree followed by a one-year master’s degree Required documentation: Must submit official statement of marks for each year of study plus a degree certificate

Completion of the Дыплом аб Вышзйшай адукацыі (Diploma of Higher Education) or the Дыплом бакалўра (Diploma of Baccalaureate)

Required documentation: Must submit Dyplom certificate and Dadatak da diploma/vypiska z zalikovaj knizhki

Completion of a four- to five-year Licenciado, or any Bacharelado or Titulo Profissional degree

Required documentation: Must submit historic escolar and degree certificates in Portuguese

Completion of a Bachelor / Bakalavr (Бакалавър)

Required documentation: Must submit diploma certificate and Prilozhenie km diplom

Alberta: Honours bachelor’s degree or general bachelor’s degree plus one year of a master’s program

British Columbia: Four- or five-year bachelor’s degree (sometimes called Honours or Advanced)

Manitoba: Honours bachelor’s degree, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Law LLB

New Brunswick: Honours bachelor’s degree or a bachelor of law, or bachelor’s degree + one year in a master’s program

Newfoundland and Labrador: Bachelor’s degree

Northwest Territory: No accredited universities

Nova Scotia: Four-year bachelor/baccalaureat

Nunavut: No accredited universities that issue bachelor’s equivalent work

Ontario: Four-year bachelor’s degree or Honours bachelor’s degree


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Office Hours

Welcome to Pembroke Animal Hospital

Dr. Teixeira

Pembroke Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets. We provide friendly, informative, and supportive services for you and your pet, while maintaining a superior working environment for our employees.

The Doctors at Pembroke Animal Hospital provide medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care as well as house call and emergency services for our clients.

We serve the South Shore area and surrounding towns to include, but not limited to, Pembroke, Duxbury, Hanover, Hanson, Marshfield and Plymouth. With an in-house pharmacy, laboratory and access to specialists, our facility is capable of managingyour pet's health and medical care.

Your Pets . . . Our Family!

We are open for appointments and emergencies during normal business hours and on Saturdays.


April is Heartworm Awareness Month

You know the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and never is that more true than when it comes to heartworm disease. This months HotSpot raises awareness that all pets, including cats are at risk for this deadly disease.

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to download this months HotSpot

Click here

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What can we help you find?

Turf version 2.0 is now released on Appstore and Google play!

This means we have finally made a complete visual overhaul of the entire game.

It took almost a year "from the axe to the limp" but we are very happy with the result and really hope that you will be as well.

Have a great easter!

//Turf Crew

We are currently finalizing all the details for the big release this saturday!

Huge amount of work put in to this release! :-)

May 19th this year Västerås and Turf Västmanland will host the World

Championship in Turf, or as Turfers calls it: Bonanza.

Pre-registration is now up and running! You will be able to buy

BonanzaBag or t-shirts. If you sign up before the 1st of April, you will

have a zone with you turf-name at the event.

Go to nike air max 1 ultra moire ideal optics
and sign up for a great time!

( ) to find out more

Round winners

Here we go again. We are running out of superlatives. Király grabs his fourth gold medal within a year. How long will it take before he passes finish line nike roshe one print prem
legendary collection of six? This time it required 831 802 points by 4 233 takes. Next to him we find JENZA from Swedens royal city Stockholm who grabs his first noble medal with 718 005 points by 3 724 takes. At third place we find the ice cream loving turfer from Örebro, nike sportswear blazer high vintage
, with 553 771 points by 3 134 takes.

Great job everyone!


The yearly skiing tradition of Vasaturfen has finished. This year we got to follow mens nike roshe run shoes navy/white curtains
and Fredricks journies from Sälen to Mora and the 12 zones between. We are also happy to announce that the last stop on the race in Eldris has just recieved its own zone. So even if you have finished the race before you now have a great motivation for another try! I didn't had the courage to try on the longer race this year, I settled with the shorter version of 3 miles, starting in Oxberg. But at least I got a bonus zone in form of GirlPowerWasa.

Zoon time for the Bonanza!

On May 19 this year Västerås and Turf Västmanland will host the World Championchip of Turf, or as a Turfer calls it - Bonanza!

At 9:00, the doors will open. The Bonanza by foot class will start at 10:30 and end by 12.30 with winner ceremony at 13:00. The Bonanza by bike class (not motor driven) will start at 14:00 and end by 16:00 with winner ceremony at 16:30. Another ceremony with the bigger Prize table will be held at the Bonanza Banquet. Get in good time before each start if you want to participate in the warm up and review of game rules that will take place half an hour before start. (Exact times and schedule will be available on the event day in the starting area and on the website.) Food/snacks vendor, merchandise-shop, exhibitors and nice company will be available all day.

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Physical Address: 1020 Main Campus Dr. Suite 2437 Campus Box 8301 Raleigh, NC 27606

Mailing Address: 2401 Research Drive Raleigh, NC 27695-8301

Phone: 919-515-6629

Campus Map
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