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A grid is a structure with a long history used to align negative space in designs.

Using a grid makes content appear to flow more naturally on your page.

Grids divide horizontal space into indivisible units called "columns". All columns in a grid must specify their width as proportion of the total available row width.

All grid systems choose an arbitrary column count to allow per row. Semantic's default theme uses 16 columns .

The example below shows four four wide columns will fit in the first row, 16 / 4 = 4 , and three various sized columns in the second row. 2 + 8 + 6 = 16

The default column count, and other arbitrary features of grids can be changed by adjusting Semantic UI's underlying nike blazers white with red ticking

Rows are groups of columns which are aligned horizontally.

Rows can either be explicit , marked with an additional row element, or implicit , automatically occurring when no more space is left in a previous row.

After each group of columns vertical spacing is added to separate each group of columns, creating vertical rhythm.

Grid columns are separated by areas of white space referred to as "gutters". Gutters improve legibility by providing, nike roshe run white black gold rOzuUdVY
between page elements.

Gutters remain a constant size regardless of the width of the grid, or how many columns are in a row. To increase the size of gutters in a particular grid, you can use a nike free size 12 mens ski z7oOWG

Since all grid columns include gutters, grids use where to buy nike air max speed turf AGXeA5s46
to make sure that the first and last columns sit flush with content outside the grid.

In the following example, you can see even though the top row has padding, the air jordan 1 retro high bhm 2013 silverado
still sits flush with the edge of the grid.

In some cases, like when a column or row is colored , you may want to avoid using negative margins. You can do this by using a picture of air jordan 8 doernbecher

Grids are fluid and will automatically flow in size to take the maximum available width.

Containers are elements designed to limit page content to a reasonable maximum width for display based on the size of the user's screen.


A temporary injection is a short term (3 months or so) injection period approved for a well for the purpose of determining the injection capacity when highly questionable. It is usually requested prior to constructing the permanent injection lines. Temporary injection is also for emergency situations such as plant shut downs where temporary storage of pipeline fluids is required. The injectivity test is approved by letter, not by a formal AER approval, as is the case for permanent injection wells. The injectivity test period and maximum injection volumes are usually defined in the disposition letter.

The AER will permit, without application, a maximum cumulative water injection of 500 m 3 in order to obtain the required logs and data for Directive 051 and 065 applications. If a total water injection volume is greater than 500 m 3 , a Directive 065 injectivity test application must be submitted in accordance with section 10.060 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules for the approval to inject fluids.

The following outlines the critical information required by the AER and the process to follow in order to obtain a temporary injection test approval. It contains links to relevant application submission procedures and guidance documents.

The Injectivity Test application must be submitted using the Digital Data Submission (DDS) system, available through the Systems Tools on the AER website, nike air max 95 dyn fw blue red white IpWqd9vol

Applications are registered using IAR (Integrated Application Registry), and all material related to an application is stored within this system.

All material related to an application, the applicant acknowledges that all information relating to the application is no longer confidential as of the designation.

All applications are published on the Public Notice of Application (PNoA) page on the AER website ( nike roshe run hyperfuse cool grey/whitewolf grey pink jordans ik0hAGJT63
) to encourage public participation in the approval process. Application is initially reviewed for administrative completeness upon receipt at the AER. The application may be closed if significantly deficient of Directive 065 requirements. If declared administratively complete, a technical review will be conducted that includes the following (supplemental information may be requested during the technical review period):

The processing time for this application is 30 business days and the AER aims to meet this target 95% of the time. This timeline is made up as follows:

Find help or get online counseling right now! Why Shouldn’t You Spank Your Kids? Here’s 9 Reasons

This guest article from YourTango was written by Kim Olver.

A recent study reveals a connection between spanking in childhood and mental health diagnoses later in life.

Whether or not you agree with the findings, I’d like to present you with 9 reasons spanking is never a good idea.

1. Spanking shows that “stronger” is right. When you use physical punishment to show a child he/she did something wrong, you are sending the unintended message that whomever is bigger and stronger decides what’s right and what’s wrong. Does this mean your child can determine what’s right when he or she becomes stronger than you? Could this contribute to why elder abuse is so prevalent?

1. Spanking shows that “stronger” is right.

2. Spanking demonstrates that older people have a right to hit younger people. You’re sending the message that older, bigger people have the right to hit younger, smaller people. This is especially confusing when you’re disciplining a child for hitting someone. What do you think can happen when your child grows to be bigger than you?

2. Spanking demonstrates that older people have a right to hit younger people.

3. Spanking gives the example that violence solves problems. Spanking also shows children that violence is an appropriate way to solve life’s problems. “If I don’t like what you do, then I’m going to hit you.” Physically punishing your child can be perceived as a form of bullying, sending the message to your child that this is an effective way to get others to do things your way.

3. Spanking gives the example that violence solves problems.

More from YourTango: Good Cop, Bad Cop: How To Merge Conflicting Parenting Styles

4. Spanking damages self-esteem. When children are hit by the very people who are supposed to protect them, it causes a child to question, “What’s wrong with me?” Self-esteem is a critically important and fragile thing. If you want your child to succeed in life, the level of his or her self-esteem will be a major determining factor.

4. Spanking damages self-esteem.

5. Spanking can increase the likelihood of developing mental health symptoms. According to this new study, links have been found from later mental health diagnoses to higher incidents of cheap nike air max 2017 uk mens basketball
spanking for disciplinary purposes. I am willing to bet that when spanking your child, your intention wasn’t to create long-term psychological problems.

Exclusive online content

By: nike free run purple grey lime white paint
September 21, 2017

srael’s recent actions at the Temple Mount are a microcosm of what ails the West, reflecting a profound lack of confidence about moral legitimacy, sovereignty, and the right to defend against aggression. After jihadists used weapons stashed in a mosque to ambush and kill two Israeli security guards, Israel, one of the most “hawkish” Western nations, took measures to improve mosque security. Palestinian and Israeli Arabs responded with fury, refusing to enter the mosque and threatening more violence if the security measures were not immediately reversed. When Gulf States including Jordan and Saudi Arabia pressured Israel to capitulate, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intimated that the Gulf States had a legitimate right to make these demands. Israel relented, removing metal detectors, and reportedly opting for installing a “less provocative” hi-tech security system .

Some will say that the site controversy means that Israel must walk on egg shells, lest security measures affecting the Temple Mount “status quo” incite Arab violence, similar to the second intifada after Ariel Sharon visited the site in September 2000. Yet the key to deterring Islamic supremacist violence is practical strength rooted in moral confidence. Israel’s conciliatory measures strengthen its opponents while weakening its viability. Israel’s land concessions have emboldened, not mollified, jihadists who call for “Palestine from the river to the sea,” i.e. Israel’s destruction.

The Temple Mount, which sits on Mount Moriah, is the holiest Jewish religious site. On it, Abraham offered to sacrifice Isaac, and the First and Second Temples were built. The al-Aqsa mosque was constructed only after Muslim conquest. Following Israel’s War of Independence, Transjordan (now Jordan) retained the Old City of Jerusalem and prevented Jews from entering the area.

All this changed in 1967’s Six Day War, in which Israel defeated the Arab aggressors who sought its destruction. This war saw Israel reclaim Temple Mount from Transjordan, as part and parcel of the liberation of Jerusalem, Israel’s historic and current capital.

As Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi air jordan 1 mid red blackwhite green flag
on the anniversary of the Israelis’ victory in the Six Day War:

[Colonel Motta] Gur and [Major Arik] Achmon rushed up a flight of stairs leading to a large plaza—the golden Dome of the Rock and the silver-domed al-Aqsa. Gur radioed headquarters: “The Temple Mount is in our hands.” He wasn’t just making a military report, but staking a historic claim. The focus of centuries of Jewish longing, the place toward which Jews prayed no matter where they lived, was now in Israeli hands.

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