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When two pointers are subtracted, both must point to elements of the same array object or just one past the last element of the array object (C Standard, 6.5.6 [ nike air force 1 high mens basketball shoes
]); the result is the difference of the subscripts of the two array elements. Otherwise, the operation is air jordan low 13 ogden
. (See undefined behavior 48 .)

Similarly, comparing pointers using the relational operators < , <= , >= , and > gives the positions of the pointers relative to each other. Subtracting or comparing pointers that do not refer to the same array is undefined behavior. (See nike blazer low x supreme
and undefined behavior 53 .)

Comparing pointers using the equality operators == and != has well-defined semantics regardless of whether or not either of the pointers is null, points into the same object, or points one past the last element of an array object or function.

In this noncompliant code example, pointer subtraction is used to determine how many free elements are left in the nums array:

This program incorrectly assumesthat the nums array is adjacent to the end variable in memory. A compiler is permitted to insert padding bits between these two variables or even reorder them in memory.

In this compliant solution, the number of free elements is computed by subtracting next_num_ptr from the address of the pointer past the nums array. While this pointer may not be dereferenced, it may be used in pointer arithmetic.

ARR36-C-EX1: Comparing two pointers to distinct members of the same struct object is allowed. Pointers to structure members declared later in the structure compare greater-than pointers to members declared earlier in the structure.


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resulting from the violation of this rule on the CERT website .

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(explains table format and definitions)

Larry Jones says, via email: > > So from what we can tell, it's OK to compare pointers to members within > > the same struct, but not OK to subtract pointers in the same situation. > > True or false?

it’s all relative This is just as true in investing where you and I will experience the same market event very differently because of our biases, our personal investment history, and other ideas that have shaped our worldview.

For example, consider real U.S. stock returns by decade (including dividends):

When you look at this chart what conclusion do you draw? Yes, returns vary, but does that mean that we should just buy and hold? Does it imply that investing is mostly ? The investors from the 1930s and 1940s will likely have a very different answer than those from the 1980s and 1990s.

We can go further and compare U.S. stock and bond returns during the biggest stock market crashes of the past century. If we start at the peak before the crash, we can see how each market crash provides a different experience for the investors of that era:

However, this graphic isn’t the best we can do. We can overlay these peaks on top of each other to get an even better comparison of each one:

As you can see, each one of these periods provided a different takeaway for investors. I might say, “Bonds provide stability when stocks crash,” but the investors of 1973–1974 would say, “Not so fast.”

As you can see, each one of these periods provided a different takeaway for investors.

The point is that realizing your financial frame of reference can be helpful for understanding how you might react to future market events. For example, I know that I am biased against real estate investments nike white air max 90 leather running
in the housing crisis of 2007–2008. This is clearly an example of recency bias clouding my judgement, but I honestly can’t seem to shake it though I know better.

So ask yourself: what is your financial frame of reference? Are you biased for or against any particular asset class? If so, do you have evidence for this? Studying market history can help to tame these biases, but they will always be difficult to overcome . So next time you hear someone make a comment about the market, before you agree or disagree, remember the relative lens through which they (and you) view the financial world.

Studying market history can help to tame these biases, but they will always be difficult to overcome

Absolutes in a Relative World

David was the keynote speaker at our HPE Storage Marketing All-Hands team meeting and he KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! I can’t wait to see how our team rises to the challenge of the Real-Time Marketing mindset.

Patrick Osborne Director of Product Management and MarketingHewlett Packard Enterprise

Patrick Osborne

Tony Robbins

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Gerhard Gschwandtner

The rules of marketing and sales have changed. Now buyers are finding answers to their problems online. They search Google, read online portals and news sites and are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Your buyers watch YouTube videos, listen to bloggers’ advice and opinions, and visit company websites. Are you reaching them?

David Meerman Scott is a keynote speaker available for presentations at corporate events and conferences. He presents to audiences all over the world on the ways to generate attention and build business. He is a marketing speaker whose ideas on real-time engagementand the use of social media are popular around the world.

Davidis also a well-known salesspeaker and haspresented in over 40countries and on all seven continents.

My newest marketing and sales ideas and strategies

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I’ve been spreading the good word about “newsjacking” since I pioneered the term back in 2011. But it wasn’t until 2017 that Oxford Dictionaries shortlisted it as one of their “Words of the Year.”

Initially, I was surprised, given that excitement for newsjacking seemed to wane following the initial surge of industry interest. But in the past couple of years, the rise of real-time media has validated its relevancy as an essential technique for marketers.

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR , David'sinternational bestseller now in a new 6th edition with more than 375,000 copies sold in English isavailable in 29 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese.

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The Castle High School community is grieving the loss of another student.

We're told 16-year-old Davis Collier,of Newburgh,was killed on Saturday shortly after 10 p.m. Accordingto the Newburgh Police Department, officers responded to a sledding accidenton French Island Trail atthe Old Lock and Damin Newburgh.

Police said Collier was hit by a car when her sled entered the road right inthe path of an oncoming vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

We're told the road is closed where the accident happened.

The road is closed right now where Castle HS student Davis Collier was killed last night after her sled went into oncoming traffic. nike air max tiffany blue womens watch

The driver, 20-year-old Galina Witte of Evansville, was arrestedand is facing Operating While Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction and Operating While Intoxicated Endangering charges.

The investigation is ongoing by the NPD and the Warrick County Sheriff's Office. Additional charges may be filed, according to officials.

Castle High School's Principal, Doug Gresham, released this statement:

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the Collier family upon the loss of their daughter, Davis. Davis was a junior at Castle High School. The Warrick County School Corporation Crisis Response Team, which is made up of school professionals, counselors, social workers, and school psychologists, is on site to provide support to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. This tragic accident affects the entire Castle community. Our primary mission is to be here to support students, staff, and families in this time of need.

At 2 p.m. Sunday, Castle will open its auditorium for students to gather and grieve with each other and talk with counselors.

Our family is grieving the loss of Davis Collier. The auditorium at CHS will be open at 2:00 today so students can gather to grieve together and talk with counselors.

Amy Ulrey, a nike blazer mid red high top trainers shoes
, will also be at the school to help students. A Facebook post from Ulrey states a crisis team will also be there for those in need.

"Until further notice, The Newburgh Town Council has closed French Island Trail to traffic along the riverfront between Westervelt Drive and State Street," - Major Jonathan Scully stated in the press release.

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